Rani Padmavati – A Warrior


I was watching news and saw all Mewar/Rajasthan ladies came out to protest a movie called Padmavati. Everywhere on TV, social media I can see discussion is going on. Crowed is divided in two part either to favour movie or protest it. So called educated movie actors, directors started talking about freedom of expression etc. I felt very sad to see and hear all that. No media wants to find out the fact behind of Padmavati and brutal Khilji.

It is very unfortunate but hard fact that India has been always attacked even when it was known as Hind or Hindustan or Bharatversh. Mongolian, Muslims, Portuguese, French, British all they came to India for their own dirty reasons but one of the top most reason was wealth, geographical and climate condition.

India after 1000 AD got divided in many kingdom. Mewar was one of the powerful Rajput dynasty. The fort of Chittorgarh is not only remembered for its brave Rajput folks but also for its structure and security and off course for its brave queen, Rani Padmini. A heart touching story of valor, sacrifice, tragedy, honor and deceit which occurred in the palace of Chittorgarh during 12th century.

Princess Padmini or Padmavati, was the daughter of King Gandharva and Queen Champavati, of Singhal kingdom. Her father arranged a Swayamvara, a ceremony where all Hindu kings and Rajputs are invited to win the hand of the princess by showing their strength and eligibility. King Rawal Ratan Singh of Chittor, who was married to Queen Nagmati, won Princess Padmini’s hand by defeating in sword fight. In fact Rani Padmavati was the one who was fighting herself and defeating all the participants but lost to King Ratan Singh.

Chittor was ruled by brave and noble Rajput warrior, King Rawal Ratan Singh, was also a patron of the arts. The dynasty was flourishing so well which became threat to Delhi Sultnat. Raghav Chetak, a musician cum black magician, unfortunately, was caught red-handed in his dirty act of arousing evil spirits. King Rawal Ratan Singh was furious and he banished Raghav Chetan from his kingdom and Chetan became enemy of Ratan Singh.

During that period Delhi sultanat was taken over by Khilji who murdered his own uncle cum father in law. When he took over the Delhi sultanat, it was not a very easy path ahead of him. He was having issues of division among his dynasty because of his brutal mentality. He was worried about Mongolians who can attack anytime. He was not able to win over or convince Rajput kingdoms. Alauddin Khilji was looking for ways to inter in Mewar area and Raghav Chetan came in contact with Khilji and convinced him and guided him with the secret of the fort and how to win over Rajputs.

After that what happened we all know because studied in school in history. This story of a beautiful Rani and obsession of Khilji, pressurising Ratan Singh to see Padmavati in mirror, capturing Ratan singh, Padmavati used her intelligence and with the help of Gora and Badal Ratan Singh was released and in last Ratan Singh and his brave warriors fought the war and lost it with all soldiers life and finally Padmavati and her entire female squad did Johar for their self-respect. We all know this story which was written in the form of poem by Mohammed Jaysi in 1500 AD, after 200 years later.

Jaysi’s story which we all know is not true. It is very unfortunate that our government and historians never tried to put forward the real fact and let it go through the Indians to know the fact.

What was the intention of Khilji? What was the reason for Johar? What is the reality?

Wait for PART 2

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This is the first time I see in India politicians are trying die hard to provoke the citizens of the country but these so called opportunist politicians failed. It is nice to see the people are becoming smart and understanding the real hard fact. On the day after announcement was made by Prime Minister the first thing came in mind of every people that what will happen to the political parties now.

It was an intelligent decision taken with a lot of guts which was never shown before by any leader. The country like India which is the fastest growing country in the world needed this kind of reformation. It was a master stroke which is in favour of country and common countrymen. All the political parties were shocked and thought they are losing the ground. They did not know how to react to it but when they realize the adverse impact on their part then they slowly started making casual comments to provoke the people. After this every citizen has seen the dirty drama acted by all parties.

In fact they lost the battle but to regain the share they came down to dirty level. One of the leader from Congress Mr Anand Sharma mentioned in parliament that no country in the world can do transaction without cash. It seems that his knowledge is very poor.

I live out of India more than 15 years and let me tell you I don’t keep cash in my pocket and I do all the transaction by debit card or credit card. I can make a choice if I want to pay cash. I never had any problem and I can buy from grocery, dairy to anything whatever I need. The country like USA / Canada / Switzerland / Norway few to name can run country on debit and credit card 95%. May be 4 or 5% could be on cash that too by choice of buyer not by seller.

In India 1% of total population pays income tax so you can imagine if all the transaction goes through debit or credit card then possibly in coming year income tax will be abolished from the country. Each transaction will be accountable and it will help to finish the black money game. The government will generate so much money that 1% income tax from common people is not required except from the corporate office.

Let me tell you that very soon you will see a big income tax relief from the government for common man. Main problem lies with small and medium vender who always prefer to deal in cash. Digital or e payment system will change the economic status of country. The currency will get stronger and retail market will soften the price which will be another gainer for people.

3,200 karore rupees is recovered as a black money and the population of country is aprox 125 karore. How much is the share for each? Was Mr Modi wrong what he said about black money?

There will be more surprises coming up in the financial budget in next year. The country is changing.

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Nehru. India’s first Prime Minister. He was among leaders foundation of modern India. UK educated – and the son of an eminent lawyer Motilal Nehru, Nehru took the reins of country with great expectations. He took great decision and forwarded the country at a time when condition of country was unstable, for which country is grateful. But he took some decisions for which country paid heavily and will continue to pay in future.

  1. Declaration to take Kashmir issue to the UN

Tribesmen invaded Kashmir in 1947, India was upset. October 1947 when the last days of the Pakistani tribal were at distance of kilometers from Srinagar, the cabinet met in Delhi. At that meeting, Manek Shaw Army Colonel (later Manek Shaw was made Field Marshal) was present from army’s side. Shaw said in an interview about that meeting of Cabinet in New Delhi. He said, “As usual Nehru spoke on issues like the United Nations, Russia, Africa, God and others.  But after listening to all Sardar Patel lost his temper. Patel said, ‘Jawaharlal Do you want to have Kashmir Or you want to lose it? Nehru said – Of course, I want Kashmir. Patel said then, please give your order. Then, without listening to Nehru, Patel told me to pursue military action”. Indian military planes were sent in the Srinagar and fitting reply was given to Pakistani tribal.

But at the same time, the leaders of India and Pakistan were invited by Jinnah to come to negotiate. To discuss this Governor General of India Lord Mount Batten, then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Home Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel gathered. Patel objected to the invitation of Jinnah, and advised not to go to Pakistan in the meeting. But Nehru and Mount Batten were soft on Jinnah’s invitation. It was decided Nehru and Mount Batten would visit Pakistan for talks. But on the eve of the tour Nehru fell sick and Batten alone went on a tour of Pakistan for talks with Jinnah. When the conversation was taking place, Nehru suddenly on November 2 announced on AIR (Aakashvaani radio) a unilateral message to the nation that he would raise the issue at the United Nations, and  the decision to join India or Pakistan or remain independent , will be a done by referendum (जनमत संग्रह) among the people of Kashmir.


Now, this obvious thorn in our side has nestled itself quite safely and unyielding to this day. The Kashmir issue can be rewind back to the time when rumours were ripe about a certain bond between Nehru and Edwina Mountbatten, wife of our last Viceroy. Edwina’s daughter Pamela Mountbatten admitted in an interview that her mother might have catalysed her father’s efforts towards convincing Nehru to refer the Kashmir issue to the UN. The British-designed ‘Instrument of Accession’ was blundered with by Mountbatten and Nehru when it was time for the critical decision, referred the issue to the UN and promised a plebiscite, the people’s vote. Now, there are intricacies to this issue, involving Sardar Patel and Sheikh Abdullah that are a debate in itself. So instead, long story short – that referral, many believe, has cost India a peaceful Kashmir.


Anybody who has read about the way Partition was to be done would know that for a state ruled by a Hindu king but dominated by Muslims or vice-versa, a referendum was necessary to decide if that state’s inhabitants wanted to be with Pakistan or with India. The same was done in Kathiawar which had a Muslim king but was Hindu-dominated, and in the referendum the dominant opinion was to be with India. Nehru wanted the same in Kashmir, and in my opinion this was right.

Nehru’s biggest mistake will always be instead putting Sheikh Abdullah in jail rather than using him to finish the Kashmir problem for once and for all. Once the drama of tribal (with support of Pakistan army) attacking Kashmir and capturing it was over, and Hari Singh (Maharaja of Kashmir then) had signed the Instrument of Accession, the Kashmir valley controlled by India had Muslims and these Muslims supported not India or Pakistan, but Sheikh Abdullah, who was the most powerful leader of the region for his support to land reforms which benefited Muslims since most Hindus were landlords in this region and most Muslims were poor. Sheikh Abdullah wanted Kashmir to be with India, but wanted Nehru to accept that he was the most powerful leader in the Valley, something Nehru was not prepared to accept. Also, Abdullah wanted safeguards like Article 370, which Nehru agreed to, but in the opposition by Jan Sangh-RSS and Congress hardliners at that time, he imprisoned Sheikh Abdullah, who wanted autonomy.
Ironically, although what Abdullah wanted was mostly agreed to, yet he was left from prison only around the time Nehru started feeling his death was closing on to him, and so the Kashmir valley continues to have one or the other agitation for azadi. If Sheikh Abdullah had been accepted as the tallest leader in 1950 from the Valley and given a chance to rule, most of these azadi agitations would have ended long ago. Instead, by imprisoning Abdullah, we only proved to Kashmiris that we wanted to have our puppet regimes in Srinagar, not regimes elected democratically by Kashmiris.

Sheikh Abdullah’s family (Farooq and Omar) have never been trusted in Kashmir as they are seen as Congress stooges or Indian stooges. And ironically, BJP and Jan Sangh which have had issues with Kashmir agitations of azadi are known for having played a part in organizing two out of three fair elections (1977 and 2002) in Kashmir. The result is that Vajpayee may have more legitimacy and credibility in the Valley than Manmohan Singh in tackling Kashmir issue.

Factually speaking Pakistan could have won the plebiscite easily had it moved its Army at that time as it was expected that 80-90% of India Muslims will eventually move to Pakistan. India has lost its connection to central Asia oil and gas resources and, gave Pakistan and China connection by Karakorum highway. That made India an Island state. After all that, Nehru proposed article 370, which can never be removed until India becomes an Islamic state.


I am sure many citizen of the country and young generation is not aware of this fact which we see every day on TV and panellist discussing the concerns.

It seems politicians and political party like congress does not wish to bring the fact in front of countrymen why? Is political ambition is bigger than countrymen? Is media playing a roll of puppet in spite of bringing the fact in front of country? Is there TRP is more important than proving to be a real hero of journalism?

Every Indian has a right to know the fact. Pandit Nehru has done many other good work and I don’t think any one will have doubt but the same time we must be able to discuss the hard fact –

A wrong political decision – selfish decision – by him which will never end in India till India and Pakistan become one.

Will this happen?  


This is the part one and very soon next part will be published. This article is not motivated or guided for political reason. This is a hard core issue which is causing a lot of political crisis and human life in Kashmir

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I saw on TV a tea seller and a paanwala was using online payment system and this is what makes me to smile. This is what I was saying in my PART I article. All educated professionals like doctors, lawyers, accountant etc. always ask payment in cash. Have you ever paid by credit card or debit card in any doctor’s clinic if it not considered as a hospital?  These professionals must learn from so called less educated tea seller and paan wala.

I really appreciate these people showing the alternative method of payment and very correct use of smart phones and latest technology.

There must be a law or directives from Income tax department or Finance department that each vendor, retailer or wholesaler, professional offices which sales their services must have four type of payment method –

1 by cash

2 by credit card

3 by debit card

4 on line payment system through mobile

The implementation of above steps will be the second step towards the corruption free India and black money free India.

This move was necessary to stop terrorists and drug cartels “in their tracks.” “An element of surprise is essential, or else they would have made necessary arrangements.” The official described the action as a “surgery since the tumour had to be removed to prevent recurrence.”

This will result in a reduction of inflation as conspicuous consumption will come down. Till March 2016, Rs. 14 lakh crore out of Rs. 16 lakh crore worth currency issued by the RBI were in the denominations of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000, as per the central bank’s official data.

Currency values circulated by Reserve Bank of India till March 2016

Currency values in Rs. Billion
Rs. 2 and 5 45
Rs. 10 320
Rs. 20 98
Rs. 50 194
Rs. 100 1578
Rs. 500 7854
Rs. 1000 6326
Total 16, 415


I certainly see the determination and support of citizens towards the PM’s steps. No doubt they are standing in line hours and hours but showing their support to PM. The politicians are trying their best to create the nuisance among the citizen but so far it is not working out.

The soldiers are doing their duties at the border to make sure the country is safe and this is the time for every citizen to be a soldier and fight against this corruption and black money war. If you really care for country and love your country you will face all these odds and like a soldier.

In a war many soldiers die, they loss their family members, some waited for marriage but never reached home. They take all kind of pain but still stand at border with determination and only one feeling comes in mind is – Country First. As an honest, dedicated citizen we must need to stand together and we must win this war within the country against corrupt and black money holders. We must teach lesson to these corrupt politicians.


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